§ 160.010. Districts Designated.  

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  •    (a)   In order to regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes, the city is hereby divided into the following districts that provide for a number of forms and uses that are generally compatible with each other. The districts should transition from higher to lower compatibility districts in a way that maintains a neighborhood's context.

       RR single-family residential—rural

       RS single-family residential—suburban

       RT-1 single-family residential—traditional

    RCD residential cluster development PUD

    RHP single-family residential—historic preservation

    MH manufactured residential housing

    RD-1 twin home/duplex residential—suburban

    RD-2 townhome residential—suburban

    RT-2 townhome residential—traditional

    RA-1 apartment residential—low density

    RA-2 apartment residential—moderate density

    RA-3 apartment residential—high density

    O office

    S-1 general institutional

    S-2 institutional campus PUD

    LW live-work

    C-1 commercial—pedestrian-oriented

    C-2 commercial—neighborhood and streetcar

    C-3 commercial—community

    C-4 commercial—regional

    I-1 light industrial

    I-2 heavy industrial

    AP airport

    CN conservation

    REC recreation

    AG agriculture

    PUD planned unit development

    Institutional campus PUD (S-2)—see PUD section.

    Village PUD—see PUD section.

    Downtown PUD—see PUD section.

    Pedestrian-oriented PUD—see PUD section.

    Residential cluster development (RCD)— see PUD section.

       (b)   The following districts shall be designated as zoning overlay districts, imposing special regulations on the properties that fall within these overlay districts without abrogating the requirements imposed by the underlying land use district regulations: Airport Influence Overlay.

    (c)   All zoning districts include a number of forms that provide for common category of uses and standards of development. Form regulations are provided within §§ 160.050 to 160.405.

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