§ 160.027. Apartment Residential— High Density (Ra-3).  

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  •    (a)   Intent: The RA-3 district is intended to provide for areas of the highest density of multi-family residential apartments. This district also provides for support facilities such as schools, nursing homes, places of worship, and community residential homes.

       (b)   Forms allowed in this district are as follows:

          (1)   Form: multiple dwelling—large (MD3).

          (2)   Form: multiple dwelling—medium (MD2).

          (3)   Form: multiple dwelling—small (MD1).

          (4)   Form: neighborhood facilities (NF1).

          (5)   Form: neighborhood residential facilities (NF2).

          (6)   Form: basic utilities (UT1).

          (7)   Form: tower utilities (UT2).

(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)